Trey Burke Out for 8-12 Weeks

Trey Burke has broken a finger on his shooting hand while playing a preseason game against the Clippers. The rookie out of Michigan broke his finger, on his shooting hand, during the latter half of the first quarter where the initial play of the possession was shut down and the ball was passed to Trey with 12 seconds on the shot clock. Forced to make a quick play, with the shot clock running down, Trey drives right and breaks his finger on the aggressive wrap around pass around Chris Paul.

He is off to surgery and it’s said that he will miss 8-12 weeks of the regular season with the Utah Jazz. Trey was set to be the starting point guard for the franchise and give that extra boost of energy that the team so desperately needed.

With Trey out for the start of regular season the Jazz may opt to trade or stick with their current roster. Both options have their merits and their downfalls, however news on whether the Jazz will trade for another point guard is not yet released. What do you think will happen to the Jazz? Do you think Trey still has a shot at the Rookie of the Year?